Forget It

            “This is the best pasta I’ve eaten, maybe ever.”

            “Well I know for a fact that it’s the best pasta I’ve ever eaten.”

            “Give me one—one more shake of that stuff.”

            “The parmesan cheese?”

            “Yes. That thing.”

            “Okay, we need to talk about the girl in the yellow dress.”

            “The one at Jason’s house or the one—the one when we went to the second party?”

            “Wasn’t it the same girl both times?”

            “Oh, was it?”

            “How many shots did you say you took at Jason’s?”

            “I don’t remember, Lilly, wasn’t the point of tonight for me to get drunk?”

            “I guess that’s the point of every Thursday, really.”

            “Well, then, I think that I did my job very, very much well tonight.”

            “Being a hot mess is a hell of a job, kiddo. Let’s get some more pasta into your system.”

            “This pasta is so good, why don’t you make this for me just every… single… night?”

            “This is the first time in a long time that you didn’t pass out in the car on the way back, I’m just glad you made it home.”

            “Ugh. I’m drunk.”

            “That you are.”

            “Wait… where’s my wallet? I had it—I had it for a little while when we were—“

            “You gave it to me after Jason’s, remember? Here, I put it in my purse.”

            “And it has alls of my cards and all that in it?”

            “Yes, they’re all here.”

            “And my phone was—“

            “It’s in your pocket.”

            “Oh thank god. You know that Greg tried to steal it from me at a point… ‘cause he wanted, he wanted to look at that picture that I told him about—“

            “Yes, I remember, I was standing right next to you, Jess. Do you remember the girl in the yellow dress?”

            “I think so—was she talking to Jason?”

            “They were more than just talking, I’m almost sure I saw them making out in the bathroom.”

            “Is that why the line was so damn long!?”

            “But remember, Lil, Jason has a girlfriend back home.”

            “Oh, that’s right. Does—does she know?”

            “I have no idea, someone could have texted her. I’m sure Jason hasn’t said anything.”

            “Did Eric stay at the second house? Or—wait, or he did go?”

            “You don’t remember?”

            “I’m trying.”

            “Why don’t you have some more water?”

            “No, I’m fine now, I just can’t… where did Eric go?”

            “He left with that girl, I think her name was Hannah.”

            “Hann-uh? Like Hann-uh Chase?”

            “No, it was a different Hannah, I never actually met her, someone just said her name while they were leaving.”

            “And she left with Eric?”

            “Yeah, I saw them walk out together. Why the fascination?”

            “You’re sure that is for sure what you saw?”

            “Yes. Of course, they could have just been—“



            “I need more. Where’s the vodka we were drinking before we left?”

            “Lilly, it’s 3:30 in the morning. We said we were done.”

            “I need a shot glass—one that isn’t, doesn’t, isn’t dirty.”

            “You’re being ridiculous, just finish your pasta.”

            “I’m a grown—grown-ass woman and I’ll do what I please and thank you.”

            “Remember how bad your hangover get when you drink late? Remember how long they last? Remember last weekend?”

            “Isn’t it obvious? I—I just want to forget.”