Good Intentions


“How many more miles?”

            “I’m not sure… we haven’t seen a single billboard yet. How much longer does the GPS say it’s going to take?”

            “Let me see… it says… oh, well, it says two hours but you’re driving pretty fast.”

            “Well we have to meet everyone in the lobby at six, so if its 2:30 now… do you think that’ll give you enough time to get ready?”

            “I mean, the majority of my time will be spent trying to squeeze my ass into that tiny dress, but I think that should be enough time.”

            “What do you mean? It fits you perfectly. It looks amazing on you.”

            “You saw it over Skype, Kyle, that doesn’t mean it’s going to look great in person.”

            “Why do you always have to put yourself down?”

            “I’m not, I’m just saying it’s going to take me a little while to get into the dress.”

            “Well, as long as it doesn’t take me too long to get you out of the dress, then…”

            “That probably won’t take as long.”

            “Erica, c’mon, you can’t even play along for a second?”

            “I’m sorry, I’m just really tired.”

            “At least you didn’t have to get up at six to drive three hours to pick you up and then—“

            “OKAY. Okay, you’re right, I’m sorry. I’m lucky to have a boyfriend that wakes up that early for me.”

            “And takes you to Vegas.”

            “Your fraternity organized this, who else were you going to take?”

            “I could’ve taken Michael.”

            “And what an adorable couple you two would make.”

            “You’re joking, but people have told me we’re ‘super cute.’”

            “I wasn’t joking, you two are very cute. Plus, your friends rarely see us together, so it’d make sense that they approved of you and Michael.”

            “Well, you know how it is, he’s just right there all the time, and you’re so far away. People catch feelings.”

            “Then you’re right, maybe you should have taken Michael. Keep your hands on the wheel.”

            “Maybe you should come up and visit more.”

            “I want to… as soon as I’m done with this semester, I’ll have a little more free time.”

            “When do you end this school year again?”

            “The end of April.”

            “That’s when I’m preparing for finals.”

            “Well, at least we’ll get to see each other over the summer. Did your boss finally give you your work schedule?”

            “Yeah… it’ll be nine to six, but you know how he is with overtime.”

            “God, really?”

            “I know. But I have weekends free.”

            “I’m working weekends, remember?”

            “Right. Well… we’ll find the time.”

            “Yeah, we’ll just— I’m going to turn up the AC.”

            “Okay. My friends are excited to see you, you know.”

            “I’ll be happy to see them. It’s been a while.”

            “Yeah, it’s been three months.”

            “I know. I know that’s how long it’s been.”

            “This is going to be a good weekend. Maybe this will…”

            “Maybe this will what?”

            “I don’t know, I just think it’ll be good… you know, for us.”

            “Yeah, I really hope so.”

            “Why won’t you just let me hold your hand?”

            “I’m sorry, mine’s just really sweaty.”

            “…I love you.”

            “You know I love you, too.”

            “I know.”